These are book marks I was commissioned to design for the U of A libraries system that would highlight certain library programs and events. These bookmarks were to be handed to students on campus.

The first bookmark promotes Mullins Library Tours which are held each fall. The second bookmark promotes the University Libraries Special Collections department which houses archives, periodicals, and historical photos.


Students get handed hundreds of bookmarks that eventually get lost or end up in the trash. Keeping this in mind, I wanted to design a bookmark that was both beautiful and interactive, so that it would stand out from all the other bookmarks and would result in a positive experience for students.

I looked at origami and ways to manipulate the paper to create something unique or reveal a new way of reading the information on the bookmark. I started with a simple white comp, and used it as the basis for my design.


My solution for this issue was to create foldable bookmarks that when folded a certain way would reveal an image while also displaying the information on the bookmark in a new way. The end result not only does this, but still serves as a bookmark.


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