One of the foundational print materials used for spreading information is the brochure. In my career, I have had the opportunity to make a number of brochures; each with a different purpose. Here are a couple of the brochures that have challenged me to rethink space, layouts, and the presentation of information.


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Campus Guide/ Brochure

One of my first projects as graphic designer for University Libraries was to design a brochure that students could use to find information about the libraries.  Initially, the brief required the design to work as a bookmark/pamphlet combo

However, the space was not big enough to include all the information the University Libraries wanted to include.  This required me too play with the general size and layout of the information.

The solution became to 86 the bookmark idea and focus on a pocket size brochure/map that students could whip out at any time to get the information they need.

This project required me to experiment with different designs that followed a similar theme and to include as much concise information as possible in a 2″ x 5″ module.



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Special Collections Brochure

I designed the Special Collections brochure for University Libraries. This brochure was originally very information heavy with long paragraphs. My goal in designing this brochure was to make something clean that would allow for a lot of information without being overwhelmingly text heavy. This required constant communication with the client and the copywriter to make sure all the information was there.

Unlike the brochure shown above, this brochure was intended to handout to future donors. Keeping the audience in mind, the layout needed to be clean and also legible.

The solution to this problem was a tri-fold with a clean photo and paragraph layout, and a panel with infographics that sum up the important facts.



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