If you’re reading this then you’re probably wanting to know a little about me. Well, you are in luck because that’s what I am about to do!

My name is Ariel (pronounced AH-ree-EL). I am a designer, a story-teller, a brother, a son, a believer, a comic book nerd, a hip hop head, and a kitchen dancer (take that last one any way you can).

I like to be creative. I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember. I was in kindergarten riding the bus home from school one day, when I noticed this girl across the aisle drawing a picture of a boy handing another girl flowers. That day I went home and recreated the picture. That’s how it starts…the fever…that turns young men into artist.

Ok maybe not, but it impacted me. So much so, that 18 years later I graduate from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Studio Art with an emphasis in graphic design. I also minored in communication but I don’t talk about it that much-ha!

I was born in Honduras, but have lived in the states for close to 17 years now. Currently, my fortress of solitude is based in Fayetteville, Arkansas.